Harley & Lauren, founders, with the Locke High School Play with Music graduates!

Play with Music

A comprehensive, scalable music platform for education, leveraging music, collaboration & technology to re-imagine how kids learn & play with digital media in the 21st century. The PWMP enhances the learning of not only basic music skills, but also the fundamentals of modern audio engineering, sound design, production & editing. Regardless of resources or skill level, the PWMP is designed to be an accessible catalyst for students everywhere to play with music.


Starting with a song structure provided by The New History, kids learn the fundamentals of music collaboration (working with peers and professionals each week), modern audio recording, production and engineering. Each student chooses an instrument and learns to compose and perform their own original “part” for audio and video capture. Next, they'll complete the song in Garageband and assemble their video performance with others from the PWMP Database (a database of other student performers from across Los Angeles, as well as professionals), creating a "virtual band". 


Program created by The New History

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