1. Every Play with Music program is built around a “program song”, donated by an artist.  

2. Every participating guest musician or producer writes a part to the song (base line, drum track, guitar riff, etc.). 

3. Guest professionals come in to perform the part they wrote live for students. They also talk to the students about their writing process, tips, influences and their experiences as working artists.

4. The audio stems of each recorded performance are used to teach students Garageband, production, arrangement and sound design. Students begin remixing the evolving possibilities for their rendition of the song.

5. Students collaborate with their peers and mentors to write, perform and record their own musical parts.


Over the course of 8 weeks, our students learn:

  • music instruments

  • songwriting & composition

  • production & sound design

  • recording

  • music industry


We meet students where they are with mentorship, collaboration, and opportunities.

  • musicians, producers and industry professionals mentor students and create music with them every session

  • by program's end, each student has collaboratively written, recorded and produced their own song with an accompanying video of their performance

Longterm Vision

Our vision is to create an interconnected educational community of young music collaborators and engaged professionals around the world. Play with Music is in the process of creating a revolutionary app based platform where students will be able to collaborate with peers and professionals. Recording, mixing and mastering their versions of the "Program Song" using a database, containing all of the original tracks created by students and professionals.