We bring songwriting, tech skills & the music industry into the same room. 

By teaching the fundamentals of music theory, songwriting, audio engineering and production, we enable students to be creators of music. By connecting students with music industry professionals, we build bridges from classrooms to careers. Regardless of resources or skill level, Play with Music is designed to be a catalyst for students everywhere.

Every Play with Music program starts with a song structure. Each week, industry professionals (musicians, producers and engineers) mentor and perform live for students - contributing an original part to the song structure. Students collaborate with their peers and mentors to write and perform his or her own musical part live for video.

Using Garageband, kids learn to mix and produce tracks (live recordings of instruments), picking and choosing the parts they like most from their peers and professional counterparts. By the program's end, each student has collaboratively written, recorded and produced their own original song with accompanying video. 



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