Be the rock in the foundation of our stars.

Play a part in bringing the future of music education

to the kids that need it the most. Pick your instrument of change.

Each session runs for 8 weeks (meeting twice per week) & accommodates 15 students. Students learn to make, play, produce and engineer music, as well as music industry topics. Sponsor a session aligned with your interests and/or expertise. 

Changing a student's life doesn't cost much. Your support will cover a student's participation & access to materials (including a computer) for an entire semester of Play with Music (meeting twice a week). Check out our IMPACT tab to see some of our previous students in action!

Love to teach? Our students need your mentorship in the areas of learning instruments (various), musical performance, songwriting, engineering and production (GarageBand). Eligible mentors can commit to 5 sessions minimum.

Come lead a session with our kids in your field of expertise (songwriting, performance, engineering, production, or music industry). Eligible artists/experts can perform or demonstrate their topic and lead a discussion with students.

Play with Music teaches by using a program song as its platform. Lend your song for this purpose and watch as endless variations and student collaborations blossom from your work.

Help us build bridges (and resumes) to support students pursuing their dreams.

Give the gift of experience by hosting a field trip, and widen the frame of reference of our students.